Sea Angling

Sea angling, cruising and bird watching. In the safe hands of our expert local fisherman Haraldur Arnason you get the opportunity to fish, process your catch, discover the fjords secret treasures and visit the puffins and other magnificent sea bird settlements. Haraldur is highly experienced and has been a fisherman all his life. He runs a very clean and fast modern fishing boat that will take you to the fishing grounds quickly so you get more time fishing, and if you are lucky he might even take you to some of his secret fishing spots. Haraldur will also show you how to clean and fillet your catch, ready for you to make an amazing evening meal. It is also possible to have your processed catch served for dinner in Hotel Aldan restaurant.

This is a private hire, there are no scheduled trips, you hire the boat and the trip is arranged so that you get the best experience out of a day fishing, cruising or bird watching.

25,000 per hour 1-4 people
30,000 per hour with a local guide

Period: all year (depending on weather conditions)

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