Weather Map – East Fjords

The weather in Iceland can be very unpredictable and Seydisfjordur is no exception. There’s a famous Icelandic saying that goes “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes”, meaning that the weather can change quite rapidly and often in a short period of time. Be prepared for anything especially in spring and autumn – when you might get sun, rain, wind, calm and even snow in one day!

Iceland is not as cold as its icy name implies as the Gulf Stream does have a moderating effect on the temperatures. In winter the temperature is usually around the 0 ºC mark and in high summer from 15-20 ºC. But remember, it is Iceland, so the weather is very unpredictable. Pack some warm and windproof outdoor clothing and rain proof footwear. The persistent Icelandic wind can be quite refreshing and enjoyable if one is dressed for the occasion. Seydisfjordur is famous for its calm sunny days and evenings in high summer.

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