Fjardarsel Power Plant Museum

A turning point in the history of Icelandic electrification.

Fjardarselsvirkjun in Seydisfjordur is Iceland’s oldest operational power plant, started on October 18th 1913. The plant marked a turning point in the history of Icelandic electrification.

  • It was the first power plant in Iceland that generated alternating current
  • It was the power station of the first municipal electric utility
  • The first high voltage cable in Iceland was laid from this station

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the power plant the Iceland State Electricity (Rarik) decided to open the plant to Icelandic and foreign visitors. For this purpose, a historical exhibition was staged in the station house. The first water turbine is still there with its accompanying equipment. For a visit please contact Fjardarsel Museum or the Information Centre.


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