Café Lara El Grillo Bar

The local bar in Seydisfjordur is a warm and friendly spot. It is an ideal place for meeting the townspeople, watching a football match, listening to a local troubadour or grabbing a nice meal.

Café Lára El Grillo Bar is named after Lára, a local legend that lived in the house for decades. Before the bar came in to existence the house was simply known by the name: Lára´s House. Lára was a very resourceful and imaginative woman and stories of her are popular around the kitchen tables of locals. Among the things she came up with over the years to earn a living was cooking fish and chips for the British fishermen, staging seance meetings and selling lottery tickets.

Café Lára El Grillo Bar offers a selection of Icelandic meats and fish prepared on the barbecue grill. In Café Lára you will find a selection of more than 25 Icelandic beers as well as their own local beers. The house lager “the El Grillo” is made by the recipe of the owners grandfather and founder of Kaffi Lára, Eyþór Þórisson. According to the tale of the El Grillo beer, Eyþór fell asleep at the bar after acouple of beers to many and was visited in his dream by the ghost of Lára. Lára is a town legend that owned and lived in the house in the old days. According to Eyþór, she whispered the El Grillo lager recipe to him in his dreams and that’s how it all started.

The name El Grillo comes from the famous British oilship, SS El Grillo, that was bombed down in the second World War by German airplanes here in Seyðisfjörður. The ship still lies in the bottom of the fjord and has become a famous landmark for the divers to see.

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