atlas_seydisfjordur_look_2– Part of the project FISHERIES in the coastal village in the North Atlantic –

Sagnabrunnur, in cooperation with Thorunn Eymundardottir artist, Bjarki Borgthorsson archaeologist and Borgarmynd has finalized the making of this fun interactive map. The map data is stored in the balloons and zoom is required to view the map and balloons at a higher resolution.

The map is designed for locals, students and tourists for information about coastal culture and connection to neighbouring countries. This is a dynamic and diverse website where you can find some information about the settlement and life in Seydisfjordur focusing on a strong relationship with the sea and shore. The map also contains, in addition to the written text, sound recordings through the stories of individual events, images and video clips.

Making of the map was funded by grants from the AVS- Research fund in fisheries, Menningarrad Austurlands and Brimberg.

Atlas Seydisfjordur is in Icelandic, the aim is to find grants to finance the translation from Icelandic to English before the end of the year. Sagnabrunnur is also working on the financing of interactive maps of the same vein with cooperating partners in Norway and Labrador, Canada.

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